Angela Clement
Executive Director of Care | Grange Aged Care
Angela Clement | Executive Director of Care, Grange Aged Care

Angela Clement is the executive director of care for Grange Aged Care, an aged care services provider in Australia. Ms. Clement joined the company’s ranks two years ago and has become an integral part to its success. In her role, she is responsible for overseeing a 160-bed facility, including 80 beds in Albury and 80 beds in Wodonga, ensuring clinical care is of a high standard by managing and rostering the care staff personal, overseeing catering and lifestyle staff, coordinating clinical placement for students doing RN, EN and Cert 111 in age care with four major teaching partnerships, and also with Melbourne and Sydney companies as required, overseeing the recruitment of staff for the facilities, handling staff appraisals, and managing incidents on the electronic care program for residents and staff. Ms. Clement also monitors all internal assessments to ensure staff practices meet policies and procedures, receives and responds to complaints and compliments from residents, relatives and staff in an appropriate and timely manner, reviews the budget with regards to goods and services, and promotes and networks for the company. She attributes her success to a committed and strong work ethic, compassion for helping others, and being a strong, firm and fair leader who embraces change if it has positive and realistic outcomes. Ms. Clement is a professional person who expects sincerity, reliability and accountability for herself, her staff, and other associates.

Angela Clement
Executive Director of Care
Grange Aged Care
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