Angela Clement
Executive Director of Care | Grange Aged Care
Angela Clement, At a Glance

Angela Clement began her illustrious 34-year career as a registered nurse. After serving as a nurse and midwife for many years, she decided she needed a challenge away from the acute nursing setting. Ms. Clement got involved in aged care as it is the most regulated industry in Australia, and she finds this a challenge to always ensure the homes are meeting regulatory governance and compliance.

Prior to attaining her current position, Ms. Clement served in a variety of health care capacities. She was the associate nurse manager for the surgical unit, the nurse unit manager, associate nurse manager of the emergency department, and associate nurse manager of pediatrics at AWH, Wodonga Hospital. Ms. Clement also worked for the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Royal Women’s Hospital and St. John of God Hospital.

Ms. Clement takes great pride in the work she has done throughout her career and continues to do at Grange Aged Care. For her exceptional work, she earned the Margaret Black Award for Excellence in Midwifery by Royal Women’s Hospital, and played a role in the successful accreditation process in the acute system and in aged care. While she is grateful for the personal recognition, Ms. Clement is most proud of the fact that the Grange home at Wodonga (RACS ID 3271) and Albury (RACS ID 0886) have both achieved very successful re-accreditation results over the past 10 months. The audits showed the Grange to be compliant with the four Australian standards and successfully met all 44 outcomes with no recommendations.

To keep abreast of changes in her field, Ms. Clement is affiliated with ANK, the Age Care Insite, Leading Age Services Australia, Age Care Standards and Accreditation Agency, and MIMS Australia.   

Angela Clement
Executive Director of Care
Grange Aged Care
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